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Learning about tea


My quiet, side-line interest in herbs has stepped up in fervor and I recently signed up to a Herbal Education site called Herb Mentor. I was particularly struck by their advice for learning about herbs: ‘The secret to learning about herbs is that you learn about herbs by having simple herbal experiences. Want to learn […]

Kindness, Tea and Nurturing


Tonight I attended the World Kindness Movement Australia meeting in Melbourne. I also won the door prize which is always a bonus and very kind of the Universe. I was even more excited to realise the wine box will be great for storing my tea-tasting cups after the wine is consumed! For those who know […]

Poetry and tea


I’ve recently discovered slam poetry in a way somewhat akin to new-found religious fervour. The revelation began with this poem on OCD which led me to poetry legend Sarah Kay (of whom I am now a quasi-disciple). After not having written a poem since primary school, I now find myself secretly penning paragraphs and day-dreaming […]