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Radish-Leaf Pesto


I am completely enamoured with finding ways to utilise plants or parts of plants that are usually seen as having no value. Lemon peels, radish tops, coriander roots.. and especially plants that people often view as ‘weeds’ such as dandelion, thistle, cleavers and chickweed. I even turn egg-shells into a natural cleaner! Throwing away things that […]

Learning about tea


My quiet, side-line interest in herbs has stepped up in fervor and I recently signed up to a Herbal Education site called Herb Mentor. I was particularly struck by their advice for learning about herbs: ‘The secret to learning about herbs is that you learn about herbs by having simple herbal experiences. Want to learn […]

Kindness, Tea and Nurturing


Tonight I attended the World Kindness Movement Australia meeting in Melbourne. I also won the door prize which is always a bonus and very kind of the Universe. I was even more excited to realise the wine box will be great for storing my tea-tasting cups after the wine is consumed! For those who know […]

Poetry and tea


I’ve recently discovered slam poetry in a way somewhat akin to new-found religious fervour. The revelation began with this poem on OCD which led me to poetry legend Sarah Kay (of whom I am now a quasi-disciple). After not having written a poem since primary school, I now find myself secretly penning paragraphs and day-dreaming […]