People. Tea. Connection. Senses. Stillness. Presence. Meaning.

For me, tea is both a sensory experience and something you develop a ‘sense’ or feel for if you listen. It becomes a quiet, personal relationship between you, the leaves and the teapot. A shared understanding.

Like commonsense, over time, you can develop your own ‘teasense’.

I’m passionate about tea, connection and sharing. Three years ago I realised my calling is to share the beauty of specialty tea and to enable people to experience how wonderful the world of tea is. I strongly believe that tea has so much to offer; to touch hearts, to inspire, to nourish and delight.

My philosophy on tea can be summed up in this 2 minute video –  Beauty of tea..

Tea Ninja outtakes 1 from Teasense by Sarah Cowell on Vimeo.

Each year I travel to the source; spending time on tea farms, absorbing tea wisdom from tea masters and finding inspiration in the tea cultures of China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Returning to Australia brimming with tea leaves and ideas, I create intimate sessions weaving tea tasting and learning through stories from the tea fields.

Drawing on experience as Tea Sommelier at Vue de Monde and Storm in a Teacup, I bring a unique knowledge and skill-set to the hospitality industry. Combining this with extensive time in Asia, I offer tea training to corporations seeking to gain an edge by understanding tea culture for business with Asia.

I also design unique tea experiences for well-being in workplaces, staff training days, celebrations and events.

As well as having co-founded the AustralAsian Specialty Tea Association, I am currently working on some other exciting new tea projects. Subscribe to the mailing list on this page to keep posted!